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About Us

Since 1996 Location Dynamics has been serving the requirements of international clients from the Far East, USA and Europe, in particular Germany, The UK, Russia, Ukraine and in more recent years Lithuania and Latvia, offering these visitors a unique Southern African experience.

Just take a minute and let your mind drift to Southern Africa’s famous sights – superb game reserves, the breath-taking Victoria Falls, the Okavango wildlife paradise in Botswana, the desolate beauty of the Namib Desert, the lush coastal resorts of the Garden Route, the Natal coastline and the cosmopolitan charm of cities like Cape Town. We can help you experience all of these magnificent attractions.
Why choose us?

Location Dynamics has an intimate knowledge of all that Southern Africa has to offer, combined with a real understanding of the needs and expectations of our clients.

No matter what your requirements are in Southern Africa, we will ensure that your expectations are more than met. This includes planning detailed itineraries; sourcing the ideal accommodation; and arranging leisure activities, entertainment and special events as required, with an emphasis on experiencing African culture.

Our company has an established reputation of professionalism, with well-developed relationship at all levels of the hospitality and tourism industries in Southern Africa.

Location Dynamics is just a phone call away – contact us for a unique travel experience.